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How can I automatically inform my cleaner?

Hello everybody :) I am still new to and I have a question.

Unfortunately it has now happened that a new guest family has checked in and my cleaning staff missed cleaning due to a lack of oversight ... I do not have to explain how the guest reacted :(

I would like to know if there is a way to automatically inform my cleaning staff about a booking, preferably with the number of nights and number of guests.

best regards and stay healthy Pierre

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BrookAve 2 years ago




If its someone you trust you could just add the mas a user and give them the link to the pulse app


Under top right circle menu 1, - Create manage users


Enter name , email, Set Access Rights :set all to no, except Reservations, optional enable Inbox. Click send invite


Now that cleaner can install the pulse app, which will notify them and you every time their is new booking , and they can view the reservations list to see current and future bookings.


Thats really the closest way to do it.


If you use a 3rd Party Channel Manager they may have a dedicated email notification method

Pierre 2 years ago

Hi brook many thanks for your response. Doesn't my cleaner get the data about the price of the booking? That would be great with limited rights.


Trust is good, but an older lady may not know which buttons she shouldn't press in the app if you understand what I mean :)


A possibility to send only the guest data by email would be optimal.

best regards Pierre