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How can i cancel a booking as a property owner

Due to a lapse from my side I did not mark my property as unavailable on specific dates and a guest booked on the same day. How can i cancel this booking?

Leandri Klopper

Hi There,

Thanks for posting. 

Cancelling a booking is extremely difficult but there are ways to do it. 

1. If the client paid with a Card online, mark the card as invalid and then you can cancel the booking after 24 hours if the client did not update their card.  2. Ask the client to cancel, then request the cancellation or mark client as No Show. 3. Phone to ask them about cancelling the booking.

Unfortunately, once a booking has been confirmed then will hold you to it. They will see it as a "Double booking" if you don't have the room available that was booked on their website.

Best of Luck


If none of the above apply in your case then try to relocate the guest yourself. You can then do a deal with the other property so that you either still make a little off the top or at least don't lose out.

DO NOT request BDC to cancel/relocate the guest, it will almost certainly hurt you in the pocket!