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How can I cancel reservation


I just joined booking and I am a bit lost. I just got reservation from a guest but I cannot accept it as my previous guest destroied a bed. 

How can I cance this reservation? 

How can I set minimum rental period? 






Hi Małgorzata Zydroń


  1. Cancel a reservation due to damage from previous Guest Report the previous guest. Message the future Guest and advise them of options such as the earliest date you hope to be open. Now click on Request to Cancel, then option 2, wait for guest to receive system email and they click on cancel.  
  2. Minimum Say Open Calendar - List View Expand each Rate plan on left, Now under date/day of the week set the Minimum Stay Value when you want it to be different from the default stay in said Rate Plan. Note: Rate Plans have a setting for Minimum Stay and should be set first to be default. This gives option for future to set ,say Fridays different length.

    Kind Regards