How can I change the phone number

Hi how can I change the mobile Rhône number you have got for me

Aaltje B.

If you mean your own personal phone number, Meadowcroft Guest House: go to the Booking.com Partner Hub. 

In the top right corner you will see a blue round circle with your name beside it. 

If you hoover your mouse over the name, the "Edit Account"  will appear. 

Click on that and follow instructions. 

You can change your details there. hope this helps. 


The next step would be to add a personal photo to your profile. 

Plus adding your listing when finished would be great! 

You can find in the help section the question: How to add my listing to my profile or type that in the search bar. 

You will see the How-To process. 


Looking forward, 


And of course , Most welcome to the Booking dot Com Host group. 



Aaltje B.   Host in New Zealand. 



that number is only updateable via phone support team.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Barry, I also thought that phone nos could be changed in under the account icon in contacts.

You dont agree ???


Aaltje B.

I am sorry Meadowcroft. 

I adviced you incorrectly. 

So I understand contact the Booking dot Com team by phone only to have your phone number changed. 


Let us know if you were succesful. 



Aaltje B.