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How can I get refund from the guest for spoiled property?

The guest has broken the glass door. How can I get a refund? My payments are processed by Booking.


Pita Lie 4 years ago


Unfortunately I don't think you can get any refund if you are not processing the payment yourself. You can contact or message your account manager (Click "inbox" ---> "" messages") You will find the name and contact number for your local account manager on the right hand side of the page.

Please report pax also by clicking pax booking then on the right hand side bar you will see "report guest misconduct" button. Click it and just report it. While it may not refund you the money, it will block pax to book into your place again and also it will help other hostels as it will be in BDC database (I hope so). BDC will waive their commission fee for this booking.

Hope it helps.