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how can i rent out whole apartment in one charge rather than per room?

i currently listing a 3 double bed room condo. how can i rent out whole apartment in 1 charge rather than per room? what setting should i use?




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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Hi Theshopfeel.

I think most questions can be answered by inspecting the property tab in your extranet. If you click on it you see all these different topics appear and check them one by one, which one is suitable for you and apply them accordingly.

The age group of children (if you want them) you can find there too.

Also if your description is clear, you will not get as many surprises as when your title is random. Be creative.

If you are aiming for families you could actually put that in your unit title. Or if you would like groups that come as a friend group you can make up something there.

I think it will be straight forward having one unit with one price.

Hope this will help.

Any more questions, don't hesitate.


Aaltje B.