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How can I see my rates?

Hi, i am really not very good with booking, I wanted to see my rates that I introduce and now i can not find them anywhere, I go to rates and avalaibilty but  cant not see them. 


Hi Espefincas,

Not sure whether this would help since it is only focused on the daily operations.

Click on "Rates & Availability", chose "Calendar" . Then, when it opens, you can unfold each of the different rate plans by clicking on the name of the plan. The first row is the one corresponding to the daily rates.

You can edit the prices of the plans that are NOT linked to other plans. For example, you should not be able to change Non Refundable rates from there, since this will usually be bound to your Room Only plan.

Hope this is what you are looking for.

Corina Bothe

Im with you so confusing setting up and then you cant review your set up?  

Corina Bothe

I joined ages ago and now confused how it works.

Mine is a vacation house.  sleeps up to 9 people but I cant find how I put in a standard rate for 2 people and then charge extra for more people?

I managed to put another rate plan on which is peak and that was better as Its one price for whole house.

Is it rooms that are the people?

Thank you in advance