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How to cancel a duplicate property


I have recently posted my property on booking but it has been duplicated.

How can I cancel one of them? I´ve been looking on bokking´s help but the instructions they give doesn´t work.

Can someone please tell me step by step how can I delete one of the properties

Leandri Klopper

Hey Patricia. 

This is a tough one. Normally needs to do it from their side. Did you phone Partner Services or Customer Care? Because there is a massive difference between the two. You need to speak to Partner Services. 

What did they tell you was the steps ? Maybe if we know a bit more we can assist.

Keep well. 

Ajantha Wanaguru


I have added my property to But there are two duplicate properties in same property name(as a group) I need remove two duplicate properties.

Please help me


Ajantha Wanaguru


Still I am expecting your help to cancel (remove ) my duplicate property.