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how to cancel a reservation?

Hello, we rent a room, that can hold 2 to 4 people, we have a family that reserved with 3 adult and 3 kids, we can't accommodate that many, it says in our details that we have room for 4. 

I send them a message explaining and waited for a week and no answer, I sent a Request to cancel reservation, one week later still nothing, so how do I cancel?

Aaltje B.


Hi Gilles,

I think it is best to call BDC team via the extra net / help / contact section and let them take the booking out. 

If you cancel yourself, you lose "points" so to speak. 

This could be a fake booking if there are so many....

If BDC deletes it, you are available again for reliable bookings. 

hope this helps, 



Aaltje B. 

Gilles Ouellette

Thanks, I will try that, so I just go to extra net, I will try to find it...:-)


Thanks again.

Aaltje B.

On my desktop: sign in until you see the dark ble line  with name of    name of your property  and underneath another medium ble line with :  home - rates and availability- promotions etc. 

In top line you see three circled icons with account  Name of your property .

And help  (Yellow colored) 

Click on help 

Click on Help Centre

Scroll down to bottom 

Click on Contact us . 

Scroll down 

Look for   Send a note 

Go to extra net  or call  - see below that for dedicated phone no. 

Hope this is of help to you . 

Otherwise  ask again. 

Greetings Aaltje B 







I would send the message explaining over capacity and at same time click on cancel in the reservation.

Wording the message to them they will receive the cancellation confirmation and need to click on it.


Of course there is no guarantee they will do it. Touch wood, its worked for me when I needed to do it.


Since you still have not received response, defintely get on phone and talk to BdC support.  If they are not helpful, go ahead and cancel it yourself like i mentioned above and message them to say they will get an email to actio nthe cancelation.


*fingers crossed* they respond.


One thing I recently learned is when your listing is replicated to other Group OTA members websites, not all of them have a message service, so the guest may never actually see any messages. e.g. Expedia Affiliates, it may or may not be the same for BdC.


But something to consider.


Kind Regards


TIP: Add your property link to your partner profile. Its helps other partners assist you .…


If you need direct support use Partner Help Contact Us in the footer of this page.

Or Extranet > Inbox >booking Messages . Click on Contact Us.



Gilles Ouellette

There is no place that you can cancel in the reservation..:-( I did send them a message explaning over capacity but never got a reply from them.



M Adamopoulou

Dear Gilles, in addition to partners comments I would like to add that perhaps you should check your policies especially about children because this can be tricky.

Some guests want their kids to sleep with them so they might say we are only 3 guest!!!

Best wishes.

Gilles Ouellette

Thank you all for your help, I did send a message to BDC says it can take 2 days to response so I will see what they say.

Gilles Ouellette

Well, I have sent out a message, been 3 days no and no response from BDC, Does it always take this ling to get an answer?

Aaltje B.

No it shouldn't. 

Have you tried to call ? 



Aaltje B .