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How to change guest payment method

Hi all,

I'm new to and currently my property is not live yet as I'm still in the middle of deciding the rates that I want to charge the guests.

When registering my property, I choose that I cannot accept credit card, which means the guest can pay when they check-in or check-out. However, in the Extranet, it is stated that "You're Using Payments by". What does it mean? As from my understanding, will collect the payment in my behalf, but I want to get the payment directly. How can I change this?

Is this related to restriction for not verifying my location yet? I have read about it somewhere.


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BrookAve 2 years ago

Hmm first I'm hearing of such a scenario, as I've only see nthis Pay By bdC when you decide to dign up for it yourself. But even then it is not available to all.


I use it and strongly recommend it.