How to change it the availability?


first I would like to say this is the most complete and totally useless site!

I cant change or even understand anything here, I have one apartment that i need to rent, thats IT!

anyway, frustration with this site apart, anyone can tell me how to change this availability?

the Booking.com made even a guide for idiots like me, however, the guild isnt the same as the site, I dont have the same options even and my calendar is always in freaking excel style...

I have a simple question, WHERE to change the freaking date from 1st of june to 30th of september..

Please dont send me the guide that even isn't up to date with this site...

p.s. dear admins, maybe for some people this is usefull site, however for me personally its frustrating!

I just want prices and dates... i dont care about other details, i am not running an hotel.


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Call them, they will guide you and you will learn a lot.

8 months ago