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How to change the location verification address

 The details for the location verification are a street address and mail here only goes to PO Boxes. 

Where can I change the address for the location verification?

Thuild - Your …

Dear Lyhs,

Contact the local BDC office to do so. Or just call BDC on the phone and ask for that to be changed.

I haven't opened a new property myself in a while so I don't remember the exact steps. All I know is that I did have a chat on the phone after I've registered and I could talk to them easily there.

If you don't have access to the extranet, then I don't know how you can send a message, but if you do, then use the Inbox section and send them a message there.

Best of luck,

Zsolt -


Hello. Does anyone have a number one can phone in order to change the location verification address?


Changing the address of verification simply means Open an another account (listing). If you will specify PO Box, Booking will not approve you. Though its not being described in their rules, the logic here is very simple: the client must see the exact address where he will stay. He can't stay at "PO box".

What is your country and what is the reason of using PO box? If your country is known for poor postal services, that will be your own problem.


I do not have a PO Box and was under the impression I could verify the house by video call. I keep on asking for this facility but I have received no reply. I have called the help centre and given the name of the person who needs to be contacted for this but again nothing. Please help me as it has been several months that I have been waiting for this to happen.


What kind of address did you put when opening an account? Is it complete with house number and zipcode? Does the address match the Google map address?

If so, then keep pressing the button "send me a new code". Only after 3 attempts Booking will entertain you.

If you put incomplete address or different from actual place, then it's better to open a new account and start relationship with honesty.

Please, note that I am not a representative of Booking. I am a partner of Booking (property owner).

You already in favourovable position because you were "given the name of the person". That's big success. Keep bugging that person!