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How to change payment procedure

How to change payment procedure for my guests

Kolonaki Hella…

Hello Mercyguesthouse,

Changing payment methods is very easy through Your extranet. Just open the Property tab and click on Policies option. When it will be opened, find the box named "Guest payment options". There You can change credit cards acceptance and other information.

We hope we will help You out.

With kindest regards,

Kolonaki Hellas Travel & Tourism


There is no way to change credit cards acceptance with other payment information.


I have exact same problem as Nevenov - no option to change guest payment? does anyone know how to change this?

M Adamopoulou

Hi! -Paulmon75 and welcome to the forum.

I would suggest to you to either call your local office or send a message request through your extranet inbox tab requesting for changes. Some changes can be done only by

Best of luck.

Salvatore Capuano

Hello there,

I cannot put my bank details because the flat is in Cyprus but I got English bank account. What should I do?