How to change the title of your house?

Hi everyone, 

I have recently joined booking.com and I have been looking for somewhere to click that lets me change the title of the house? The reason why I would like to change it is because the house is called "Pool with late family home" but since its autumn now the pool is not operational, so the name might become misleading. I have put the conditions in the description area but some might miss it. I'm letting people know one they have made the bookings but it is somewhat inconvenient so I would like to have the name changed. 

If this is possible please let me know what I need to do.



You need to contact booking.com via extranet to make the changes of the proeprty name.

Leandri Klopper

Hi there!

If you're talking about the property name, that will have to go through Booking.com and they will probably need to verify it again.

But the title you're using sounds more like a description to me? Remember the descriptions you add for the room is not the description the guests see. There's two places where you can put the Name of the room in, one is what the client sees and the other one is for yourself.

My favorite say-thing on the forum, Phone a Friend. Call Booking.com and speak to a human to whom you can describe exactly what it is you'll need and they will certainly tell you everything you need to know.

Hope this helps!