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How to combine renting rooms individually and renting out the entire house?

We have a B&B where we rent out 4 separate rooms individually (all located in the same house), but also give the option the book the entire house.

As of now, we provide 5 different products: the four separate rooms individually or the house as a whole. The problem is that when one or multiple rooms are booked in a specific period, the option to rent the house as a whole should become unavailable. The other way around, when the entire house is booked, the booking of the other rooms should become unavailable.

Right now we have to manually change the availability in those cases. Though it happens that we receive double bookings when some people book individual rooms and another the entire house on the same day.

Is there a solution to this problem? Also, how can this problem be solved when linking it to our Airbnb account (on Airbnb we only have the option to book the entire house)?





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Hi liselott calissendorff


1. Rate Type

The closest thing would be occupancy based rates.

What is Occupancy Based Pricing

Try this guide Managing Availability by BrookAve

first then if still no luck phone BdC Support see below guide .


2. Calendar sync - simply put its broken, i.e. does not trigger a sync, never has in my lifetime. The reccomended solution is to use a 3rd party Channel Manager or, was recently mentioned.


3. you cant have one type on BdC and another booking type on ABB.

unless you manually manage it , i.e. manually block one OTA versus the other.



Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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liselott calis…

Thank you BrookAve for helping. I have noticed that BdC is mostly optimized for hotel owners and not small B&Bs. I'll have to be satisfied with that. 

We will do it manually for now!



In general you cant have your cake and eat it too, lol. You can only have one or the other, due to the amount of effort required to change it back and forth.

Account Adviso…

Hi liselott calissendorff,


As you mentioned, you can manually close the room types accordingly when bookings come through but sometimes you may get to it too late and overbookings may result. I would suggest looking into a channel manager with the functionality of linking all room types together so that if room A is booked, the whole house room type will be unavailable.


If you're not too sure which channel manager to go with, we provide a list of our recommended suppliers which you can view via your Account tab > Connectivity provider. To help you easily identify which channel managers suit your business, we also recommend channel managers specifically for vacation rental partners. Just look out for a badge that says ‘Recommended for vacation rental professionals’.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.


That is an interesting idea, Shirley. Of course it will likely be dependent on the features offered in each CM 3rd party offering.





liselott calis…

Thanks for the info, it will be a good alternative in the future. A bit costly for a small b&b. We will see in time if it is worth it! For now we will do it manually.


plenty of CMs are free, and some are low monthly fee.


Its just a matter of reviewing them and see which does what you need and not paying for extras you will never use




cloudbed etc