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How to contact

Dear Partners,

Many partners, including me, when I first listed my property I couldnt find a way to communicate with

In the beggining everything seems so complicated!!!!

Almost everyday there is a post from new partners about how to contact BDC.

Although in the bottom of this page there is a "contact us" feature...nobody notices it.

I dont know if it is possible but I would suggest that "Contact" should be in the top line in a spot that none can miss....

Please contribute your thoughts....


Ketty McLaren

When i use this link, it is written that i don't have access to this page ????

It's my first time and definitely a challenge to communicate with !

I just want to change my property address because i made a mistake.... so i didn't receive the code to confirm my location ...

I'm thinking to gave up. Even the country rep is not responding...

Please any advice ?

M Adamopoulou

Hi! fluff thanks for the link.

Although this link you,me and some others have posted a lot of times...there is always the same question from new partners...