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how to convert bookings to check ins

Hi Partners,

I listed my property on this platform but all i get are a couple of text messages showing guests have booked my property and then that is it, does not go beyond that. How does these bookings convert to actual check ins. Do i contact the client? How? i always wait to see if client who booked will call or write me but it does not happen. The purpose of being in this platform would be defeated if this conversion does not pull through.

i would appreciate if an ideal process is explained.

Thank you.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Emmanuel and welcome on board.

As soon as guests make reservations bookings are immediately confirmed. Depending on your policies they can later cancel free of charge or not.

Unfortunately most guests don’t reply to our messages...

Wish you luck.

Emmanuel Nworgu

Thanks Adamopoulou, you are right, i try reaching guests via message but no response. There should be a way around this, communication gap is an issue here, whats the need of getting booking notifications when guests would neither show up or at least reach out to cancel or confirm booking? It is sad and distracting. 

Laverne Caines

I totally agree.  And then you add to that the fact that many of these customers book months in advance and tie up your calendar only to find that on the expected day of arrival they are a "no show".  It happened to me last Christmas when I first started using this platform.  A guest booked for 14 days from end of December into mid January - never came/never cancelled.  It affected my January bookings adversely to say the least.  I just managed 1 booking for a day at the end of January.  I wish that booking could be more proactive when it comes to no shows in particular.  Too much emphasis is placed on the owner chasing an elusive guest for whom you have no credit card or other information.  I believe they should ask for a credit card upon booking of the room and explain to the guest the implication of a no show

M Adamopoulou

Massive pleasure.

Yes it is very frustrating!!! You have to change your policies.  BDC has suggested to change rates to non-refundable but that means fewer or maybe no reservations at all so I don’t agree with that.  I am very confused!!!

I think BDC should change the free of charge cancellation maybe there has to be a limit up.

Emmanuel, if I may ask???I am noticing that most new partners don’t have profile you have problems uploading or you just don’t want to upload photo. The reason I am asking is because I have problems with uploading photos.

Wish you well...


Bandara Hotels…

If you need to contact guest, you also can call to customer service and ask them to contact guest on your behalf as well.


The biggest challenge is if you forget or do not manage to cancel the booking then you may end up paying the keep checking

M Adamopoulou

Hello Bandara !!!

Long time no hear!!! how is the summer season for some pictures.

Thanks for suggestion. I tried that once and BDC couldn’t either get in touch with my guests. The guests were very unreliable and they arrived 04.00 in the morning instead of 12.00.

A friend of mine said to me that some guests just don’t want to chat with hosts!!!

Unfortunately we always have to chase after them...

Wish you a joyful day...


Prashanth Devakumar

Is there a possibility to charge the guests a day before the check-in date like other OTA's do?



I think should seriously change their payment operations system let them lock money on booking and if a person cancels that person is charged rather than hold us accountable. They should then pay us like Bnb does. 

Kipu De Newa H…

It was very happy moment when the guest booked the rooms in my property. Simultaneously  I reply him/her message for support with my details. But I could not get reply. And neither cancel room booking nor arrive in my Homestay. So how could i get conformation about booking?