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How to delete objects in my profile and make a new one?

Hi everyone, I wanted to rent one room in my house. I thought it was like on the Airnvn website, but unfortunately I understood how it turns out as a hotel.   Maybe I misunderstood something.

Please help me fix this so that there are no misunderstandings.


and in general on this site can I rent a room where I live in this house at the same time, That is, I have a free room I want to rent it for temporary periods


and how can I contact or write or call this Site  to find out for sure.

 there are a lot of information written a lot and it’s very difficult to figure out exactly it’s very difficult to understand what simple questions are.

  I want to delete these objects and do it again. How can I do it? I just can’t find it.

Thanks in advance.


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pibomarco 2 years ago

If you already added your property to you will have to contact support if you want to remove it. 

Faouaz Hamid 2 years ago

Thanks very mush für your Answer.

i wa with support in kantakt .

General everything okay