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How to delete objects in my profile and make a new one?

Hi everyone, I wanted to rent one room in my house. I thought it was like on the Airnvn website, but unfortunately I understood how it turns out as a hotel.   Maybe I misunderstood something.

Please help me fix this so that there are no misunderstandings.


and in general on this site can I rent a room where I live in this house at the same time, That is, I have a free room I want to rent it for temporary periods


and how can I contact or write or call this Site  to find out for sure.

 there are a lot of information written a lot and it’s very difficult to figure out exactly it’s very difficult to understand what simple questions are.

  I want to delete these objects and do it again. How can I do it? I just can’t find it.

Thanks in advance.



If you already added your property to you will have to contact support if you want to remove it. 

Faouaz Hamid

Thanks very mush für your Answer.

i wa with support in kantakt .

General everything okay