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How do I adjust rates in the extranet?

Hello I have a trouble its needed to be settled 

This is about Rates and availability is not seems on Extra-net once i opened.

I want to see the rates and to adjust them

Only appeared is all rooms ward and the sign of Bookable with green, Has restrictions with green and star inside and others i don't see the Calender's at all.


Post up some screen shots of your problem, it's difficult to understand your problem with only words in this case.


Ambassador Hotel Arusha doesn't the pricing on new Window.


Are you positive you saved your room set up and rates set up? I see your "property" tab is flagged for issues, maybe something there.

Go into Rates & Availability > Rate Plans. See if your rates appear there.

Go into Propertry > Room Details. See if your rooms appear there.

If either or both of those are missing or wrong you must correct them first and then be sure to save the changes.