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How do I amend the list of Closest Landmarks and Most Popular Landmarks?

Hello, can anyone point me in the right direction to amend the list of 'Closest Landmarks' and 'Most Popular Landmarks' that have been assigned to my property?

It appears to have been auto-filled for me, but with very uninteresting landmarks that I have never heard of.  I think this section was available to add landmarks to when setting up my property, but I thought I would be able to go back and complete later.

Any advice would be very welcome.  Many thanks


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Hi Kathryn,

Great question. I’ve followed this up with the team at and they explained the list is auto-generated based on your location and nearby landmarks listed on Google Maps.

However, under Property > What's nearby in your extranet, you can set some recommendations of your own for points of interest in the area.

Thanks for posting and don’t forget to share your experience with other partners :)

Good luck with everything,

1 year ago