How do I cancel a booking?

I started my account, and saw that they need verification of address before it becomes active, so I had not entered rates correctly, and though I can edit later.

I noticed someone has already booked at half the rate. How can I cancel the booking? I have tried to reach out to the client.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Roseline and welcome to the Partner Community.

Since you are new...you can contact your local BDC office and explain them your mistake because if you cancel reservation you will have to relocate guests and pay fees...

Wish you well.

Roseline Sambu



How can I ensure that a client cannot book before I confirm the booking and price?


By setting status to closed in calendar list view and inventory count per room type setup as 0


This is common issue for new people.


Open reservation 

Message guest you are not live yet, no availability for those dates, and say what start date is.


Say this will be cancelled and they will receive notification to action a confirmation .


Now on right page of details click request cancellation 


Now choose option 2


Wait, system sends action to guest.


Once they click accept/confirm, the status becomes cancelled