How do I change the information that's on the hotel front page view?

I've got two types of rooms in my hotel. The standard rooms and the rooms with all family needs (kitchen, big refregerator, washing machine, bathroom with bathtub instead of toilet/shower, etc). My front page shows the family type of rooms and these rooms of course are more expensive than the standard rooms. How can I change the front page information so it shows the standard rooms and not the family type. 
And one other problem. We speak my native language (Georgian), Russian and English. I remember adding the Russian language into the info. But it only shows that we speak only Georgian and English. Can't find where the language options were to add Russian. 
TY in advance for your help.


If I am understand the text you want to change, not sure it is something that you can do yourself and must do it via booking.com

Log onto the admin portal of booking.com and try following the steps below: