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How do I change my address on


I am new to  I have listed my property but I do not want the exact address to show unless someone books.  Is this possible?  Thank you!  Melissa

Leandri Klopper

Hi Melissa,

Welcome to the group!

Sadly, no. Your address needs to be registered to a specific area so that if people search the area they can see exactly where you are. This function is to give the guest a choice of what Type of break they need. Do they want to be close to the city centre? In a forest? Edge of a lake? In the lake?

I doubt that will ever change that. Your exact address must be advertised. Are you worried about security? Or why are you asking? (I'm curious.)

Keep well!


Yes I liked to keep it more private as well... they should only see it if they are qualified to book.. as then there is a trail of info I guess . ;-)