How do I change my address on Booking.com


I am new to booking.com.  I have listed my property but I do not want the exact address to show unless someone books.  Is this possible?  Thank you!  Melissa

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Leandri Klopper

Hi Melissa,

Welcome to the group!

Sadly, no. Your address needs to be registered to a specific area so that if people search the area they can see exactly where you are. This function is to give the guest a choice of what Type of break they need. Do they want to be close to the city centre? In a forest? Edge of a lake? In the lake?

I doubt that Booking.com will ever change that. Your exact address must be advertised. Are you worried about security? Or why are you asking? (I'm curious.)

Keep well!

2 years ago

Yes I liked to keep it more private as well... they should only see it if they are qualified to book.. as then there is a trail of info I guess . ;-)

1 year ago