How do I change my price settings please?


I can't seem to find where I can adjust my price settings. 

They asked for a basic price in the set up and now I only have a tool to make it cheaper.. 

Thank you!! 

Ingrid Hanson … 1 year ago

I have the same problem except I’m trying to fix the price for entire room booking (dormatory) and the price it goes down per bed not taken. The price has changed per bed, but it doesn’t change the rate for entire dorm rental and I can’t find on the Extranet or the app where I can change this. There is not help in the chat either or on FAQs. How do I change this discount rate?

Rowan James 2 months ago

I have been trying to find this for hours. My booking.com does not have a booking and rates menu.  .... I'm tempted to stick with Airbnb....

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jaybeegee 2 months ago


Do you have a calendar and pricing option?



Rowan James 2 months ago

Yes. I have now sorted it partiality. Really different to the Airbnb system. Thank you.