How do I complete my calendar?

I tried to complete my listing, but can not find the months after June 2019 to complete the blocked dates for the rest of the year

Ilaria - Commu…

Hi Joannacuisine,

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This article on "How to update my rates and availability" might be helpful for you to check out.

If you follow the indicated steps, you'll be able to update your rates for a certain period:

  1. Log on to the Extranet and select the Rates & Availability tab.
  2. Click the room or unit you want to update.
  3. On the right-hand side, indicate the dates from Start date to End date, or by selecting the period directly on the calendar.
    Attach your prices to preferred days of the week by checking specific days in the drop-down box that asks Which days of the week do you want to apply changes to? under Advanced date selection.
  4. Set the price in the designated field.
  5. You can also mark this as a non-refundable rate, add a minimum length of stay, and advance booking options.
  6. Make sure the days you're applying the rates to also have rooms open for bookings.
  7. Click Save when you’re done.

Hope it helps!