How do I confirm a reservation?

Hello there, everybody !

I'm new to Building.com and have just received my first reservation. The period of this reservation was filled in on my Calendar by the guest himself > Do I have to do something now to confirm this booking ? Like sending him an answer ?

Leandri Klopper

Hi Harry Verbruggen ,


Correspondence etc is totally up to you. For me personally, receiving a booking means I need to block the unit off on our inhouse reservations system. Then I send the guest correspondence about the payment (as it's the property owner's responsibility to get payment from the guest) and then I send the guest a confirmation letter with all the rules etc.

You can be as professional / casual / creative as you please but keep in mind, this will set the tone of their stay at your place.

Keep well and enjoy every moment!

Harry Verbruggen

Thank you for your reaction Leandri, but what I don't understand is what you mean by "as it's the property owner's responsibility to get payment from the guest". I thought this was a task for Bdc, a.o. to justify the royal commission Dbc asks... Do I have to contact the guest regarding payment issues ? Harry

Leandri Klopper

Hello again,

Unless you have Payments by Booking.com activated. Can you check if you are in that programme? You should see it on the extranet, property, policies. If it says Payments by Booking.com, then you don't have to collect the payment from the guests. Then you can read up on how it works by following the link below:

Link: /en-gb/help/policies-payments/faq-payments

I hope this helps, I see there is a lot of into on payments and how they work on that post.

Best of luck!