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How do I fight/report a disloyal competitor? They lied about their amenities and facilities


Rant below. The question is how to protect from other hosts lying about their amenities and facilities?

I've noticed a particular host in my town that recently started offering their place on and I'm bothered by their Facilities and Amenities section. It's completely fabricated. We are talking about a small apartment in a non-touristic small town. They are on the 1st floor of an apartment building and claim to be accessible by wheelchair. They literally claim this: "Entire unit on the ground floor." "Upper floors accessible by stairs only." And about their building they say:"Private flat in building." "Detached". Oh, they also have a nightclub and a DJ, but they charge extra for that. They also have Nintendo Wii, personal trainers and a spa on premises. "City view"? Their own driveway and two buildings from across the street.

It bothers me because they are clearly not being truthful about their place, and yet they are getting great reviews, because their guests probably aren't really expecting much more than a place near the city centre. They are benefiting from Booking's automatically generated blurbs about this place where it idiotically says they also have a restaurant on premises! It's not on premises, it's in a building next door. By that logic, they also have an ATM, and a post office on premises. The trickle of guests that go through our town is too scarce to just sit idly and let them be drawn towards dishonest hosts.

How to put a stop to these lies?

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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

We all have "competitors". Some are good - we might envy them, but a good competitor will bring more business to our towns, which in turn, will grow the tourist economy.

And some are bad - and eventually they will go out of business. They don't need your help to go out of business - they can do that themselves. And when they go out of business, someone else will replace them.

Focus on your business, not theirs. If you don't get many tourists in your area, do more marketing. Build a website saying how wonderful your town is. Then make it bigger. And bigger. Show that you have the best hotel / apartments / etc in town. Give people a reason to come there and they will come.

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pibomarco 3 years ago

lol why would you even bother? That's why the reviews are for. If it's true, it will show in their overall score and in comments.