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How do I get a payout from


I am new to this. First guest is now staying in my self catering property. Can someone tell me how I would expect to be paid please?



Hi John,


Like many new partners, some do get caught out usually due to not reading everything under:


  1. Your first steps with
  2. Working together with
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If you havent been to the Extranet Finance menu and setup Getting Paid and Bank Details. then it defaults to you taking payment on arrival. i.e .cash or card .


I would reccomend using Payments By Booking and set to prepaid.


Kind Regards

John Tavener

Thats great

Thanks for your help.

So if I drop down on the finance tab and I only see 'invoices' 'reservation statements' 'financial overview' and 'bank details' am I right in thinking that I'm not set up to have collect payment?