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How do I list my entire house rather than per room?

I have just listed my 5 bedroom house and it hasn't gone live as yet, but I was asked about rooms - so I listed 4x double rooms and one single - but the bookings are showing separately.  I only want to rent out the entire house to up to 7 guests in one go as there is currently only one bathroom.  it's ideal for corporate visitors as it's central - or families.   I'm not sure how to change the settings to show this. 


I do have the same situation & appreciate if somebody could help


yes i have the same problem , this site is very very confusing and im thinking of deleting and sticking with air b and b


I feel the same to rather stick with a b & b

I send 3 help desk messages to, with the same problem to list my entire 2 room cottage as one --- but up to date----- NO luck

Mille Plateaux

Same problem, any solution found in the 6 months this thread is alive? Thanks!

Pembury Hs

Same problem and they dont give you a way to speak to some one ive been trying to work this out for months!