How do you add a King or Queen size bed?



I am trying to set up my properties but I only see twin, bunk, sofabed, and full size beds. I do not have the option of indicating that I offer Queen or King size beds. Does anyone know how to do this?




Its actually because of terminology usa via rest of the world. Yep the yanks forget they didnt invent english and measurements lol.


King, queen v super king etc..


Under property, room details, click add...


Now choose room type double or other in first drop down.


In room name there are deluxe king, queen, further down the list variations starting with king and queen.


This is only a label.


Now go to bed options, there king and queen are called large double =king and extra large= super king


This real issue here is the room type name label list is static and no option to custom name it.




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Then it becomes even more complicated knowing that Eiropean, New Zealand, Australian and American bed names and sizes are all different. But anyway. Choose something that comes closest to it. 

We have a super king bed . There is even a Californian king too. Oh dear ! 

Writing measurements on the photos may help. In inches or centimeters! ;)

If you could explain how, that would help, all depending on what system you use and what tools you have. 

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If I had any of these options available to me, believe me, I would have easily selected the closest option. But I do not have any of these options guys. I selected my property type as a "house." Then BDC prompts me to indicate where guests can sleep.

For Bedroom 1, the only options I have are quite literally: twin bed, sofa bed, bunk bed, and full size bed. That is it.

- I do not have any drop down menus.

- I don't have "large double," "extra large," "deluxe king," nor "queen."

I have none of these at all. I tried adding Bedroom 2, I still have only the same limited bed options.

I also tried creating a new property type, opting for "Apartment." I get the same limited bed options. I then tried to create a third new property called "Hotel, B&B, & More," then the subcategory was "Bed and Breakfast;" I get the same limited bed options folks. Here is a screen shot of what I am seeing. Screenshot of bed options


Yeah it's not the sizes that are different just what they are called.


A quick google search shows all the sizes by both eu and usa terms with cm and feet.

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For instance.. when I visited the W Hotel in Washington, DC, which is where we are located, they have rooms with King beds. So BDC clearly permits someone to indicate King bed. I just don't have that option myself. Rather frustrating. I could just call every bed a full size bed, but I don't want undercut my offerings. The size difference between full/double and King is significant. Anybody know if this is a glitch or knows the work around? 


Hmm just seeing that screenshot now, it looks to me based on the top part to be a setup wizard and not the extranet property menu I mentioned.


Is this property actually fully registered and marked  'open/bookable', on the home page of the extranet dashboard when you logon.


I would try going back to the first listing if it is an entire house.


Then try changing an existing room details, under bed options, this should be universal setup config option regardless of property type.


Otherwise contact partner help and have them do it for you.


Worst case it's not a available due to the incompetence of the web dev that design the template for house setups.

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As Barry mentioned aboveI think contacting BDC support team is better...they have many ways to help....