How to enable Weeky lets??

Hi, Im trying to list one of my holiday cottages but finding it very confusing.  Its a whole house for rental - what then do I put down for number of rooms??  The whole calendar/availability seems totally geared for rooms to let in a hotel/b&b not a self catering holiday cottage???

During the summer I try to stick to weekly lets arrive/depart on a Friday.  I cannot work out how to do this - despite the following help from booking.com - the instructions seem to bear no relevance to my calendar type???


Any help/suggestions hugely appreciated.

Aaltje B.

Also depends Info, how do you want your guests to book?

As separate individuals sharing one house? And if they don't know each other it works more like a hotel idea. Different bookings for the same house, but different room.

Or as a family? If for a family the amount of rooms is not that important, more important is that all in one family have one bed.

State what the maximum of people is that you can have. Six beds mean six people if they are all single.

Six double beds can have 12 etc.

check with the help desk team if you don't want to lose time.


Aaltje B.