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How to get more people to find your villa

How to attract more clients to the villa 

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Hi Mehak and welcome to the Partner Community.


In your Extranet you in your Promotion tab you can make offers...discounts....

In your Opportunities tab you can join Genius Programme...


Wish you a great start.


Mehak wadhwani 1 year ago


I have a 30 day prior free cancellation policy 

but no prepayment has been taken from the customer. How does that work 

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Account Adviso… 1 year ago

Hi Mehak wadhwani,


There are certainly a few areas you could look into to help maximise your visibility and make your listing more attractive to bookers, particularly during this period.


Be flexible with cancellation

It’s important to be flexible, especially in the current climate, and offer a variety of cancellation policies. You mentioned having a 30 day free cancellation policy with no prepayment - this means that you are only charging guests on the day they check in. Having no prepayment is very attractive to bookers, particularly in the current climate, as there is still much uncertainty due to COVID.


Add discounted rates

To generate more business on low-demand dates, you could add special promotions that encourage guests to book your place. Everyone loves a good deal. Whilst we aren't able to target friends and families, you could look at other targeted rates such as Mobile Rates.


Target frequent bookers

If you’re eligible to join the Genius programme, it offers you exclusive visibility to our most frequent bookers.


What’s the advantage? On average, Genius properties tend to see a 7% increase in bookings. We have over 20 million Genius bookers, and they tend to cancel less, book longer stays and spend more per night than your average guest.


All you have to do is offer this group a discount on your cheapest/most popular room.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.