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How to inform guests about Building Work


I am looking for some advice around a potential issue i have regarding building work. Near to my property over the weekend a small holding has began to be built. The builders are telling me that this should be completed by month end and i expect guests early April. However this is Greece and timescales can often slip. Whilst i want to inform my guests asap of this potential red flag i would like some advice on the best way to go about it in terms of setting expectations and possibly how others have dealt with a similar issue.

It could well be that this will be completed on time and therefore should not affect the guests in terms of what they are expecting but any help would be appreciated

Thanks Elaine


It really depends on how badly it could affect your guests. Will it be noisy or dusty? Will it affect access? It there will possibly be a large impact on your guests stay, then I think you should organise alternative accommodation just in case.