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How to make my property online and bookable?

Hi Partner Community,

I would like to highlight an important topic for many partners who are trying to get their properties online/bookable as soon as possible. Here three easy steps to follow:

Step 1: Register your property. This how you can do it: how to receive and use your location verification code.

Step 2: After you have registered your property, check to make sure you didn’t miss any important information before you go live. Here is a handy checklist.

Step 3. Have you already checked everything? Looks good? Now let’s make your property live. 

And that’s it. Did you find any of the steps confusing or complicated? Please let us know in the comments below! 

Bonus tip for you:

One of the most experienced Booking.com partners (M Adamopoulou) I know runs a beautiful holiday home in Greece. Their review level is 9.9, which is truly exceptional. Here is how they get excellent reviews. 

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Sergei and the Community team


M Adamopoulou

Hi Sergei,

This post will certainly help new partners to understand better how to make their properties on line and bookable...

Bonus tip sounds nice...lol...

Wish everyone excellent guests and amazing experiences!!!

Prabhat Sinha

Dear Partners, 

I am facing a typical problem while listing my property. 

The property is listed by someone else. Its not me. What to do? Please suggest.

My mail id is ****

Skyotel Hotels…

Hi i recently add property to extranet and i got mail like its bookable and online. But property is not  showing in website yet

M Adamopoulou

Hello, and wetting the Community Partner!


Check your restrictions…make sure your room status is not 0.


If you cannot fix it call your local BDC office to check your calendar.


Wish you a great season…

Роман Проценко


I had registered my apartments couple of weeks ago. Still waiting for letter with location verification code. Is there any other way to confirm location? I'm afraid our local post service is not reliable...