Hello everyone!

How to pay to booking.com?

What is its Bank Account Details? Or any other mode of payment?

Thank you!


Hi! Once you recv the invoice from booking.com you will have all the details!


@Monskigalang as mentioned earlier in the thread, at the end of the month you will receive from booking.com an invoice with the bookings of the current month - the invoice will contain all payment details (account no, bank, etc) - you need to remember to include the invoice number when effecting the payment.


@Monskigalang - I do not think that there is an auto debit instead you can set it up that booking.com collect the payment from the guest on your behalf - then booking.com will pay you less the commission due to them.

Corinne Orde

I have an auto debit set up on my account. The commission is taken automatically from my bank account every month and I don't have to do anything. It was easy to set up and is very convenient! Perhaps it depends on your region/country whether or not you are offered this facility.

I prefer not to allow any OTAs to collect payment from the guest on my behalf. I can understand why many hoteliers may like the convenience or the protection that it offers against non-payment, but there are many reasons why it is not a good idea in principle.

Leandri Klopper

Hi All,

We don't have an auto debit set up. It's quite interesting that you have it set up Corinne Orde , so even with varying commission amounts your commission alone gets auto paid over to Booking.com on time every month?

I agree with you, I prefer getting payment from my guests myself but we all get those days where one just wishes someone would step in and take the wheel. Got a lady who cancelled today and her excuse was that she thought she booked Booking.com. No matter how I tried to explain how things work to her, she had already made up her mind. I've never enjoyed clicking the Cancel button that much..

Monskigalang, did you come right?


Hello, Has anyone paid the booking.com's commission with Payoneer or other online payment platform?

Sandy Govender

Please help if you have been successful. 

I don't have banking details for bookings.com 

Ghadeer maria

hi .i have a problem.I have a visa pioneer card. and I want to transfer to booking bank account the commission invoice the amount of 8.89$. but the minimum transfer value is 50$.