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How to set a special rate for certain countries instead blocking guests from certain countries?

I've my properties as a guest house for several years but just joined one year ago.

I've read here about how to block guests from certain countries and country selection... ect.

There is no good option for this real problem, I'm just wondering if there is an option of setting a special rate for certain country so I can make it a little higher?

Keeping in mind that I did not find any similar option in (Opportunities).



Neither exist, as you can only offer discounts by country or region.


I agree there needs to be a geo blocking , blacklist option... for many reasons.


Just looking at the news to day and I hear Canada is now reporting first cases of that Asian virus epidemic... to me it would be smart to block... temporarily.... Asia and Canada..


As controversial as that might sound, its simple logical at the end of the day to protect all.


Curious to hear other partner concerns if any on that topic too.

M Adamopoulou

Hello Ahmed, 

If you have joined The Genius Partner Programme  under the Manage your audience  section  you can set up a Genius Country Rate.

Just a thought ....




Genius country rate is the opposite of what he actually asks. He wants to make the cost higher not lower on a per country basis.


special rate for certain country so I can make it a little higher?