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How is a travel discussion created?


How in booking is a travel community discussion created? i have attained some interest in this part and i have discovered most of the Europe countries are involved in this community.i want to start an African community that will discuss our mother nature.i strongly want to excel in this platform.

Brooke - Commu…

Great idea! Feel free to start a thread here in the forum :-)


Actually a good idea for the various continents or even smaller areas where the set up with BDC may vary.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! -Kibokoafrica and welcome to the forum. We have many partners from South Africa and have posted great issues and pictures of your amazing country. I think its high season for them and dont have enough time to share their thoughts with us.

Leandri where are you???

M Adamopoulou

Kibokoafrica its very easy. In your profile you will find the button Get points create a new post.. Click there and you can write your post and share it with us....

Happy posting!!!