How to verify Location

Dear Gentlemen,


How can i verify my location on booking.com to go live knowing that i didn t receive any confirmation code.



Aaltje B.

I am a woman, is that ok Lcawhite11?

If you haven't received the confirmation code, you are not officially "on-board" yet.

Your question is a bit of a questionmark for me.

The code should arrive by email, and if not after two weeks of waiting you can ask via the Extranet login < Inbox < Message tab and fill in your request or question.

Check on Google if your location is correct.

Then potential new guests should get the right direction to come to your place after settlement of your listing.

The search bar has the option for you to write in your question and all the related ones will pop up with their answers. A nice tool ! Have you tried that?

Hopefully, this is of some help, otherwise let us know again.


Aaltje B.