How,long does the review process take before my property goes live

Still awaiting for my property to be reviewed before going live but it is taking a long time. How long does it usually take?


Hi Hayatbeyler,

I am waiting for 2 months for my new apartment being verified. I have sent more than 20 messages to Booking support and personally to the manager, who replied one time saying that "too many requests", but didn't reply for 2 months.

I honestly don't understand why Booking looses it's money. Wake up! Airbnb takes them. And my area is so much demand, that having a Booking or Airbnb is just a small option for us.



He wrote me on February 11. It's March 4 now and no action is taken.

I have provided my Airbnb link. And sent numerous letters to follow up to ***

But never got a response.

Why do you pay salary to him? What for?

"Provide a link and screenshots of your property's listing on other online travel agent - Airbnb."

Please, Booking, have a self respect.


I would defenitely lost my patience :) Perhaps they didn't "mastered" your market yet..
few friends of mine listed their property recently and the process went smoothly and in a reasonable time.