I can not found my holtel on Booking

I called to number phone 84 2839113451 but can not connect to support speaking Vietnamese. My problem, why I can not found my holtel on Booking, my hotel is: Muong Lo Hotel (Khách sạn Mường Lò). I registered again, but Booking said: Register Your recent for "Muong Lo Hotel" are identical to one another accommodation available on the Booking.com system and will not be accepted.

But why I can not found Hotel Muong Lo on Booking, it has the address at Nghia Lo, Yen Bai, Viet Nam, I find with keyword is Nghia Lo, result display all hotel at Nghia Lo, but my Hotel not found





You will need to keep ringing them and ask to escalate it to someone who can help.

Do not take no for an answer.


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