I can't get payment information to work

I go to enter my bank account information in the extranet and for some reason, my date of birth is locked so I am unable to use the drop down box to put in my birthdate.  WIthout this, I am unable to receive payment.  My location has already been confirmed.  HELP! 

Holly Bell

There is no toll free help line for partners, but if someone knows of one, please pass it along! 



Hi Holly,


What browser are you using?


Try refresh browser cache with CTRL+F5, else: 


Please try one of these also:


Internet Explorer





Holly Bell

Ok, I hit CTRL F5 and it refreshed the screen to allow me to put in the birthdate and everything looks ready to work. Only problem now is the SUBMIT BUTTON DOESN'T WORK. I pushed SUBMIT and nothing happened. 



If you return to it does it start off again from  the same stage or does it appear finished.


Take a screen shot, if on windows 10 there is screen clip or snipping tool.

Generic method is use [ALTGR] + [PRNT SCRN] to copy current active window to clip board then paste into some thing such as 'mspaint' to save it as an image.


Image icon above the edit lets you attach


Please answer the following:


OS  = MacOs or Windows  , If Windows Os which version ?  7,10 or other , If other what ?


Browser Used = ??


Is there Antivirus or an Internet security pack that covers browser security and not just anti-virus?

Avast, Bitdefener, McAffee, Norton, Symantec, ESET, Other , If other what?


Have you got another computer to you can try this on?


Community Admin

Hi Holly Bell


We've checked your Extranet settings and all buttons seem to be working well. 


Please try to clear the browsing history and then log in to your Extranet using Google Chrome. 


Best regards!