I could not refresh the update related with the minimum stay

I cannot update the minimum stay range in the white box. 

At the moment that I need to put a 1 night as minimum stay in the calendar in order to change the general rules for all nights set in 2 nights, the system does not allow me to insert the number 1 in the box in correspondence with the day between to different bookings, so the night remains unavailable even if I want to leave it available. 

The 7th December 2019 for example is not available even if I want to. 

Thanks for your help in this regard.





Are you referring to setting up a rate plan?


Perhaps do a screen clip of what you on are to see, <ALT>+<PRNTSCRN> , 



Also availability should be set via the calendar , select dates, and then use the rate plans and option on the right pane .

Edit rate plan minimum stay