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I had a booking for my apartment for 2 persons and I found out that there are 4

I have a problem with my recent reservation.  They booked for 2 and they stay 4 quests.  I said to them that is no right and they replied that the other 2 persons are visitors.  I called the police and they said to me that there is no such a regulation for the police to get involve because the aggrement is personal between the quest and me.  Can you give me any advice and how to cope with this?

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Don Burns 2 years ago

This is an issue an issue among you, the guests and -- not your local police.


Were the two extra people just visitors or did they sleep that night in your apartment?  If they had, you should have telephoned Booking,com immediately and negotiated a higher rental fee.


We charge by the bedroom (two guests maximum per-bedroom) and not by the number of guests, which makes it simpler for us.  However, overflowing guests may not sleep on the floor or TV-lounge sofa.


We lock the door to the unused bedroom; so both bedrooms are not slept in, when the guests only paid for one bedroom.

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BrookAve 2 years ago

Hi  KYMA Apartment


Option ideas:

  1. Turn them all away if they will not agree to rent another room for the other 2 people, as it is a breach of the Terms & Conditions.
  2. Turn only away the extra 2 people if the registered guests will stay without them.
  3. Help the other 2 remaining find other accommodation nearby, such as ring another place for availability check, i.e. be helpful.
  4.  Sometimes being a bit more open minded can help difuse a potential situation , so maybe consider letting them stay only the first night in same room but no extra beds can be provided but maybe provide a single blanket per person. With condition they must vacant by 10am the night morning.
  5. I would also ask them to hand over their passport or other important ID or item that will help enforce the agreement. So that they cant cheat the agreement.


Kind Regards


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