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I have recived the code but i don't know where to add it. Please help me

It's been a week now and i don't know where to put my property verify code that I recived via mail. Can somebody help me please???

E Urgnani

I am new too, and I am still waitin for my confirmation code, for what I can see the page asking you to enter the code opens automatically, as soon as you enter the site.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Albania and welcome to the forum.
Are you on the extranet and are you logged on? You need to log on" and sign in. Then you go to the home page to enter it. It will be in a little block on the left top side.
Wish you luck...


Hello! I found the solution :)

You must have a duplicated property, so you need to sing in to the first account and put the code there. Thank you