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I have tried uploaded listings 3 times but my listings are not there

Dear Team,

I have been trying to upload listings for a few days now. I have done uploading information and photos and everything require by your system. After it's done, I just want to check my listing but your system say, I have not registered anything. 

I have log in email address and password but my listings will not list on your website. Why? Also I want to select my own main photos but your system selects main photo automatically and I cannot change it, or choose it.

Why is your system so difficult to manage?

Please contact us back by email and CC to








this is not support team and not monitored for replying to you.


only other partners here mainly, so best to not expect BdC support to email you, it is just not going to happen.


Difficulty level is really perception and based on patience and attention a breath


All the answers are indeed here but take a breath and think about it logically, you will get there, just walk not sprint, to get to the end of it.


Check the getting started list and ensure extranet actually says Open/Bookable.


Kind Regards