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I need to cancel a booking made by a customer

Hi all, I am new to 

Unfortunately, the calendar for my property was not correctly up to date and someone has booked a stay when there is not availability.

I tried to cancel it but the only options I get are "Payment not received" or "Guest has requested cancellation". Is there a way I can cancel it and the guest gets a full refund? Obviously they should not be charged for this. 

The booking was made only 10 or 15 minutes ago. I have messaged the guest to inform them of the situation.

Any help thankfully received!


Cheney Gasparini

Solved - I apologised to the guest, asked them to cancel the booking which they have now done. 

M Adamopoulou

Hi Cheney,

Great news...

Have in mind that calendar is not sinc in real time.   You have to do it manually the moment you get a reservation to be sure you dont have a double booking or maybe use a channel manager.

Wish you well.