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I need to re-open an account. Verification letter unlikely to arrive.

I am a UK teacher trying to help a young man in rural Ethiopia to establish his tourism business and accommodation. We have known each other for 13 years and I fully trust him. Last Christmas season he had some success with his camping site through above Lalibela and visitors loved the location and service. 

Unfortunately his banking doesn't allow him to pay the online bill to Booking. It was over 6 months ago I think I remember the problem being about not having a European account or something. I was happy to pay this and did so. But, it was difficult to sort out exactly how to pay it for me remotely and by the time I'd figure it out it was late. But he was fully settled up with Booking and keen to use the service again to grow his business in the coming tourism season.

The main problem now is that has sent a verification by mail to his nearest town (there is no postal system to individual addresses in rural areas. This was over a month ago and the Ethiopian postal system is pretty awful. I suspect this physical verification post may never arrive.

I would really value advice and clarity on how we can reestablish this link so that he can continue to give the excellent service that he began last year. We are more able to organise the payment more swiftly this time but finding it VERy difficult to get re-connected to the platform.

With thanks in advance,

Steve Cale on behalf of Abrham Tadesse and Jegolye Family Eco campsite in Lalibela, Ethiopia.

M Adamopoulou

It’s so nice that you want to help your friend. Verification sometimes can be done by video call.  I definitely think you have to contact BDC for further information..

Wish you luck.


Jegoley family…

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I had a bit of trouble finding how to make contact before so this link was very helpful. 

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Jegoley massive pleasure.

Beginning is always hard....things will roll...

Wish you a pleasant day!!!