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I would like to first state that as a client to you, it’s very hard to get ahold of you, is there a possible way of getting help when needed. We are new on the site and it’s frustrating and when you need help, you don’t know who to contact , is there an e

I have been struggling with operations, I also can’t see the pictures that have been obviously loaded by mistake on my page, I’m struggling to navigate the system, I struggling to know if clients booked have paid or not I’m struggling with the whole system at large. May you please help 

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Jasleen - Acco… 2 months ago


Hello Shirley,


So from the method #3 below , The Public contact list , you can ring any of those numbers if none specifically for your country.






Where you can reach us - << Public info method #3


how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox