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I would like to set a checkin day for my guests over the Summer months.

I want to set a check in date of Saturday only for my apartment over the Summer months and would appreciate advice as to how I do this in my calendar.

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Can't seem to find it :-(

Do you have any advice for setting a checkin day over the Summer months? 


if you find the first post, I explained how to do it.  He posted same comment 3 times.  This is how you do it.

In Rates, Calendar, use List view.  On left hand side open up to see additional lines re Minimum stay and allowing check in for days.  You can use the Bulk edit to update minimum stay and stop check in for all except Saturday.  If you don't see the additional lines contact help team using Inbox icon on Extranet and ask them to open them up for you.



A check-in day is typically defined as a certain day or days of the week to allow Check-ins.

In BdC calendar terms there are extra hidden by default extended fields.


These must be requested enabled via BdC support.


examples : NO Arrivals, No Departues.


This is covered in my guides. :)

Master Guide : Managing Availability 


HowTo : Restricting Check-in Day of the week and Checkout Day


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