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if I sell the apartmant, how cancel reserves?

I´m newbie

My apartmant is for sale, so if I sell the apartmant, how cancel reserves?

Another doubt, I´m forgot to configure the prices of carnival holiday and someone reserved. The price was 1/3 of his normal value for that period.

Bandara Hotels…

First, If you sale your apartment;

Will the new landlord continue do business with with honor those booking or not? If not, then you have to contact customer service team to all existing booking for cancel.

Second, Carnival holiday;

As this mistake it happen from hotel side then you should honor that rate.


Thanks for the answer,

The next owner will probably have no interest in renting.

I do not have a hotel, just an apartment I registered here 1 week ago and I am still not accustomed to the website. Why can not I cancel 2 hours after booking and more than 60 days in advance?

I do not accept that. How do I contact customer service team by phone?

Bandara Hotels…

For booking during Carnival, you can try to or guest directly to cancel their booking or pay more. But from my experience the chance that guest will accept and be fair is very low.